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With 90% of our goods being shipped globally, maritime carbon emissions are at an all-time high. We need to make the change.
Kick-off 2023 sustainably and start decarbonising your supply chain now! Port of Rotterdam and GoodShipping help you make the switch. Together we aim for zero Scope 3 emissions. Jump on board in our mission to reduce 2023 tons of CO₂e, and prove that industry change is possible.

Start today, Switch to Zero​ 


This insetting initiative helps you move to net-zero transport

Why switch?

Sustainable impact
Together with other pioneers, show the world that sustainable shipping is possible today!
Easy onboarding
Join easy and hassle free. Experience decarbonisation for a one-off, special price with limited availability on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.
Positive exposure
Inspire other companies to follow your lead to decarbonise their Scope 3 emissions
Concrete action
Demonstrate concrete action towards carbon neutrality now.
CO2 reduction
Long-term potential
A potential long-term partnership on the decarbonisation journey of your supply chain.
Get acquainted
Our goal is to create a better world and it will succeed

What will you get?

Verified CO₂-reduction certificate
An official, externally verified CO₂-reduction of your Scope 3 Emissions for a one-off special price. The world will thank you!
In addition to getting your own branded container on the ship in our campaign visual, your company will be promoted as a participant in campaign communication.
Press Release mention & Marketing Kit
Your company will be mentioned as a partner in the campaign press release. You will also be given access to a marketing kit to share your participation internally and externally.

They made the switch! 

And to make shipping sustainable, we ask you to join too! Together we're aiming to reduce 2023 tonnes of CO₂e.




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Our partners

Bugaboo logo
"We are actively reducing, not compensating, our carbon emissions."


At Bugaboo, we are actively reducing, not compensating, our carbon emissions through our Push to Zero program. Lowering emissions from ocean freight is part of our plan. Joining the Switch to Zero campaign is another step towards this goal'



Adriaan Thierry
CEO, Bugaboo

Dille en Kamille logo
"What's great about this cooperation is that it also inspires others to explore further sustainability options."


At Dille & Kamille, we strive to make our product offering even more sustainable. That's why we work with GoodShipping for our overseas transport. What's great about this cooperation is that it also inspires others to explore further sustainability options. In this way, you create a chain reaction within a supply chain that is originally quite conservative, simply because new questions are being asked around the organisation of transport.


Harold Reusink
Supply Chain Manager, Dille & Kamille

Swinkels Family Brewers logo
"The Switch to Zero campaign is a great first step to explore how we can make our sea transport more sustainable."


We have the ambition to be fully circular. In doing so, we of course also look at the CO₂ emissions of our transport. The Switch to Zero campaign is a great first step to explore how we can make our sea transport more sustainable. Hopefully this initiative will move several companies to take the leap, so together we can make a difference to reduce the impact on the environment and climate.

Fred Hooft
Global logistics manager, Swinkels Family Brewers


Taking action together


The aim of the Port of Rotterdam Authority is to strengthen the competitive position of the port of Rotterdam as a logistics hub and a world-class industrial complex in terms of both size and quality. The Port Authority is able and willing to make an impact and so it is focusing on accelerating sustainability in the port and it is a partner in the digitalisation of the port and logistics chains. The Port Authority's core tasks are the sustainable development, management and operation of the port, the maintenance of the smooth and safe handling of shipping and supporting the future-resilience of the port of Rotterdam.


Port of Rotterdam. Make It Happen. 


GoodShipping accelerates the decarbonisation of shipping.

GoodShipping enables companies to make an immediate climate impact by decarbonising their scope 3 emissions. Being the world’s leading sustainable cargo initiative, GoodShipping facilitates a switch from fossil fuel to sustainable biofuel through an innovative concept called carbon insetting.

GoodShipping is proud to be part of the GoodNRG Group. Together delivering sustainable decarbonisation solutions for the global transport industry. 


Better World.

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